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For a life worth living

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For decades, my work has been facilitating personal transformation in various contexts as a counselor, therapist, teacher, minister, trainer, coach and CEO:   * Counseling/Therapy: Individual and Group Therapy  * Medicine:  Group Therapist, in-hospital Pain Management * Academia:  Professor, Chair, Assistant Dean in M.A. program in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, 5 years * Ministry:  Ordained Minister of Unity of the Spirit, 14 years * CEO/Trainer: Kinder Institute of Life Planning, 5 years



Counseling & Therapy

My services are non-judgmental, empathic, practical, and evocative for personal and relationship growth and fulfillment.

Transformational Life Planning

Do you have a dream that you’d love to bring to life? I guide my clients through the EVOKE process described in my book, Lighting the Torch, and then accompany them through execution and accomplishment of their own life plan.   We meet initially for 5 sessions to design and articulate your life plan, then move to coaching as you take the journey to fulfillment.

 Spiritual Mentorship

The spiritual journey has been described many times in world literature, yet it is hard to recognize the steps and stages when you are in the midst of them.  Having an experienced guide and a framework for understanding each challenging step helps to minimize stress, doubt and confusion.

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