• The Client-Centered Advisor
  • The Relationship Pyramid ™

The Client-Centered Advisor (1 Day)

“What matters most?” This is the question that lies at the heart of the four relationships that anchor and orient the client-centered advisor toward a richly fulfilling professional practice. It is a question with four areas of exploration: What matters most to me? to my client? to my fellow professionals? to those I hope to serve?

As a financial professional, creating and maintaining a truly client-centered approach requires that you examine and nurture these four interrelated dimensions of your professional life: being true to yourself (Authenticity); exploring the values and priorities of each client (Understanding); committing to highest standards and activities (Implementation); and communicating your unique value proposition (Articulation).

This workshop will take you through all four dimensions by means of exercises that clarify values in each sector of your professional practice, determine where gaps may exist, and initiate actions for deepening and expanding in each area.

The Relationship Pyramid™ Workshop (2 Days)

We begin to learn the dance of relationship in the earliest weeks of life, and our experiences with others from that time forward have a powerful shaping effect on how we enter into and participate in all future life relationships.

This workshop will help you to view your relationship development in the areas of close family relations, social relationships, your relationship with your self, and how trust can emerge and develop in your one-on-one relationships, whether personal or professional.

The workshop will include a variety of experiential exercises, to facilitate both awareness of what works for you now, and where you can grow in effectiveness by learning specific relationship skills.